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DETAILS OF LALLABI ONLINE SUPER MARKET FRANCHISEE is a multi utility online portal which is providing all type products and services. It`s designed as a `One Stop Solution Online Mall` for each and every needs of a human being.

More than 30 different type of activities are there including Grocery Super Market, Homely Food, Food Court, Gift Shop, Medical Store Flight – Train – Bus Ticket Bookings, Hotel Room Booking, Mobile – Data – DTH Recharging, Online Matrimony, Real Estate, Automobile, Jobs, Pets, Used Items Buy & Sell Mart etc. It`s almost like a person can do all the needful things like they visit a physical shopping mall like Lulu. Here the only difference and advantage is that the customer can do everything online from home or office.

Lallabi Online Super Market Franchisee business means, those we exclusively appoint someone in specific locations to deliver the groceries and other products to the customer`s house of office, those they order via online.

It`s an alternate solution to start the Super Market business with a very less investment. Normally to start a super market; the investment shall be between 50 Lakhs & One Crore including shop advance, interior decoration cost, furnishing cost, stock, other setting cost etc. After establishment, the monthly running expenses shall be between 2 Lakhs & 10 Lakhs including rent, staff salary etc. But, Lallabi Online Super Market business is a new concept which you can run a super market business with a minimal investment of around one lakh rupees and with a monthly running cost around Rs.15,000/-

This Lallabi Online Super Market Business shall run by coordinating with the wholesale dealers in your area and daily collecting the products from them according to the orders received and delivering them to the customers. Here also the profit is the same as in other normal super market, i.e. the difference between wholesale price and retail selling price. That`s the main advantage and attraction of this business. The loss of dead stock, yearly maintenance expenses, and tensions of managing more staffs, paying interests etc. are not an issue in Lallabi Online Super Market Business, because this business is set with minimal investment and running expenses and run with just one delivery staff.

The salary for a delivery staff who have computer knowledge shall be between Rs.7,000/- & Rs.10,000/- according to the location. Then the monthly running expenses including internet charges, fuel expenses, phone charges etc. shall be only within Rs.15,000/- when you are doing Lallabi Online Super Market Business.

In this business, no one is going to visit us and we are delivering to the customer`s home or office. So, initially a shop is not a must and needed only one bike, desktop computer or a laptop, internet connection, printer, small weighing machine, small sealing machine. Initially this business shall be set and run from house itself.

With a well panned setup this business shall be established with an investment around Rs.1,00,000/- By serving to the families around you between 100 and 250 and then it`s easy to earn a monthly profit between Rs.50,000/- and Rs.2,00,000/-

Delivery Area Limits & Fees (Investment):

    According to the location & population, the delivery service area will be between 2 to 3 Km radius. The allotted area will be exclusive for only one franchisee

  • 1.@ Panchayath Areas - 3 Km Radius. Fee - Rs.40,000/-
  • 2.@ Small Town Areas - 2.5 Km Radius. Fee - Rs.50,000/-
  • 3.@ Main City Areas - 2 Km Radius. Fee - Rs.60,000/-
  • 4.@ Metro Cities/Prime Locations - 2 Km Radius. Fee - Rs.70,000/-

Note: More area is not the important thing. It’s good to do the business with good quality, prompt delivery within limited area is important.

Company will provide Big delivery box, Delivery carry bags, Uniform, Cap, Publicity stickers, Publicity notices etc. to make the delivery business in the best professional style. The above mentioned amount includes the cost of the same

Company will provide you the needful training and guidance to develop this business in your area along with the marketing support of bulk sms, bulk email and tele marketing.

The actual cost and expenses for the online web supermarket & settings, server expenses, customer care and marketing support cost, other expenses shall be huge amount. But, the company is taking a very less percent only from the franchisee and that`s why this amount is fixed and non refundable.

This is an opportunity with a very less investment between Rs.40,000/ and Rs.70,000/-, and run a business which is equal to those who invest lakhs and crores of rupppes for super market business. The advantages and attractions of this business shall be realised when you compare the facts of low investment and high profit

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