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One will be able to run this Lallabi Homely Food Delivery business without investing for a shop room advance deposit, without paying monthly rent, without paying electricity charges, without paying salary for cooking, cleaning, counter staff etc. That’s why we say that you can run this Lallabi Online Hotel / Restaurant with a very low investment and high profit.


  • 1. Requirement of a shop room is not there! So, there is no expense for advance deposit, shop rent, electricity charges, maintenance charges etc. (You will be able to run this business by using your minimum homely facilities)
  • 2. No need of more staff requirements, no staff managing tensions, no salary giving difficulties.
  • 3. Very minimal initial investment. (Investment is only between Rs.25,000/- to Rs.55,000/- only).
  • 4. Running cost is very less (Monthly Rs.5,000/- to Rs.15,000/- only)
  • 5. According to order only, the food has to be prepared. So there is no wastage as compared to hotels as sometimes if the required customer not comes there is maximum food wastage possibility.
  • 6. Now a days, there is high demand for homely food. As of now new generation people doesn’t know to prepare food or due to laziness more people as of now interested to eat different variety of food. Since, food in hotels is not prepared and served in hygienic conditions, more people are now interested for "homely food".
  • 7. Online Food court menu in easily legible and in all Indian languages and its designed as the best customer friendly way.
  • 8. offers you good marketing support with good business advices; Bulk SMS, Bulk Email and tele marketing and local publicity notices, publicity stickers etc. and all other needful supports.
  • 9. Low Risk (You have a minimal initial investment and a very low running cost - No Rent, No staff salary, No high tensions etc.)
  • 10. Profit margin will be very high around 60% – 70% (See the chart and other supporting details)

1. Why I should run this business?

Firstly multinational companies like Pizza, KFC etc. were only doing home delivery business. But now a days, everybody is engaged in doing home delivery business. If you are interested in running this business you will get more business. If you lose this chance, some other person will grab this opportunity and will start this business at your location. So, think wisely and try to take correct decision.

2. Why should I require to This can be run by myself!! What will I earn by joining ?

You are getting all the advantages and brand value of a popular name Always today’s generation is in choosing branded items whether it is mobile or cloth. is a unique business concept which provides all needs of a human being including Shopping Activities, Personal Services, Business Options etc.

Then what is required as of now is good business support i.e marketing and customer support .This is the other advantage that you can achieve with It is very easy to set your own online food court / restaurant. It is very customer friendly. It also provides different payment options including Cash On Delivery, Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking etc.

3. What all marketing supports which provides?

Bulk SMS, BULK E-MAIL, TELE-MARKETING and apart from this issue of needful publicity notices, publicity stickers etc. to receive more customers.

4. How to catch orders?

Through online and phone orders can be received. Means, those who using internet or not using internet can avail our homely food delivery services and can make orders through internet or phone.

5. How to deliver food?

Everything is done with best professional way and with good service quality only at will be providing is uniforms, caps, Lallabi carry bags, containers etc. along with the back pack bag with heat sustaining coating. This will help to deliver food with good quality, help to earn more customer satisfaction as well as help to get more business through mouth to mouth publicities.

6. Delivery Area Limits & Fees (Investment):

  • 1. @ Panchayath Areas - 3 Km Radius. Fee - Rs.30,000/-
  • 2. @ Small Town areas - 2.5 Km Radius. Fee - Rs.40,000/-
  • 3. @ Main City areas - 2 Km Radius. Fee - Rs.50,000/-
  • 4. @ Metro Cities/Prime Locations - 2 Km Radius. Fee - Rs.60,000/-

Note: More area is not the important thing. It’s good to do the business with good quality, prompt delivery within limited area is important.

7. is providing the following items:

Items worth Rs.10,000/- Approximate
Bike Delivery Big Back Pack Bag 1 Number
Uniform T Shirt for Food Delivery Staff 2 Numbers
Cap for Food Delivery Staff 2 Numbers
Food Containers in Different Size 250 Numbers
Food Delivery Carry Bags 250 Numbers
Publicity Notices 4000 Numbers
Publicity Stickers 100 Numbers

8. How to receive the payment for orders taken?

Mostly 95% orders will be Cash on Delivery (Cash is received when the food is delivered). Remaining 5% people will be making online payment through credit card, debit card, net banking etc. Obviously, that bill amount will be reaching to’s bank account and in turn it will be transfer the amount to the respective account of the homely food delivery agent.

9. What should I do to start LALLABI Homely Food Delivery?

After the detailed discussion with the marketing manager, if you are satisfied with the terms and conditions and if you are confident in doing this business in your area; then you may please give your address proof and other credentials. After scrutinising, if that area is not allotted to any other person, will decide to invite you to join in the business. Within that juncture, you can make payment either transferring the amount into bank account or by visiting our Bangalore and make the payment by DD.

10. Food Menu, Training, Support:

Anybody knowing internet can set the menu easily with the price list, delivery slot, delivery charge setting etc. will provide you the admin Login ID and Password for the same. Lallabi relationship manager will give you all guidance.

For Homely Food Delivery Agent, not knowing internet our relationship manager will clarify all the doubts and give full training and will give entire support to set the online homely food shop.

Each Homely Food Delivery Agent shall decide their own homely food hotel menu (Food items, Price, Delivery timing, Delivery charge etc.)

One relationship manager will be there for each Homely Food Delivery Agent.

Relationship manager will provide all technical and marketing support, marketing guidance, training etc. from them.

Homely Food Delivery Agent can soft drinks, snacks, mineral water etc. in their online food shop to increase the profit margin.

You can easily run this business by using the present thing / system you already have like smart phone, cycle, bike, lap top / desk top.

You can keep partner if your neighbourhood decide to give a helping hand to you. For example if any of your friend or relative cooks tasty non vegetarian dishes, it is good to make that person as your partner if you can merge with them.

You can make the menu of whatever food items / dishes which you can cook and deliver.


Kanjhi– Payar- Pappadam Kappayum Meenkariyum Puttu- Kadalakkari- Pappadam Kappappuzhukku
Oonum Meen Varuthathum Appavum Muttakkariyum Chappathi + Chicken Kari Vegetarian Meals
Idiyappavum Stoovum Masala Dosa / Ney Roast Beef Kari / Bef Fry Chicken Roast / Chicken Fry
Fish Fry / Pollichathu Mutton Kari / Mutton Fry Kappapuzhukkum Chammanthiyum Payasam
Chrupayar Kari Dosayum Chammanthiyum Vada / Pazham Pori Cutlet


Approximate Expense & Profit Break Down


Lallabi Homely Food

(average in industry) Rs.1,00,000 (average in industry) Rs.1,00,000


(Cook, Cleaning, Cash Counter)


(Ours is self business, so there is no other salaries)


(Rent, Utilities etc…)


(Normal Delivery Cost only)
PROFIT in AMOUNT Rs.25,000 PROFIT in AMOUNT Rs.70,000


1st MONTH to 4th MONTH 5th MONTH to 8th MONTH 9th MONTH to 12th MONTH
100 Nos Rs. 100/- Rs. 10,000/- 150 Nos Rs. 100/- Rs. 15,000/- 300 Nos Rs. 100/- Rs. 30,000/-
80 Nos Rs. 200/- Rs. 16,000/- 125 Nos Rs. 200/- Rs. 25,000/- 250 Nos Rs. 200/- Rs. 50,000/-
60 Nos Rs. 300/- Rs. 18,000/- 100 Nos Rs. 300/- Rs. 30,000/- 200 Nos Rs. 300/- Rs. 60,000/-
50 Nos Rs. 400/- Rs. 20,000/- 75 Nos Rs. 400/- Rs. 30,000/- 150 Nos Rs. 400/- Rs. 60,000/-
25 Nos Rs. 500/- Rs. 12,500/- 50 Nos Rs. 500/- Rs. 25,000/- 100 Nos Rs. 500/- Rs. 50,000/-
10 Nos Rs. 1000/- Rs. 10,000/- 25 Nos Rs. 1000/- Rs. 25,000/- 50 Nos Rs. 1000/- Rs. 50,000/-
310 Nos TOTAL Rs. 86,500/- 475 Nos TOTAL Rs. 1,50,000/- 1050 Nos TOTAL Rs. 3,00,000/-
INCOME @ 60% Rs. 51,900/- INCOME @ 60% Rs. 90,000/- INCOME @ 60% Rs. 1,80,000/-

* If you run an normal hotel business, after deducting rent, salary and other expenses; the profit margin will be 25%. (i.e If your income is Rs.1,00,000/-, you will earn Rs.25,000/- as the profit. Whereas in Lallabi Homely Food business you will earn 70% profit. (i.e If your income is Rs.1,00,000 you will earn profit of Rs.70,000/-

* Compared to other business this is a good opportunity to go for. You can make double money with less investment & running cost.

* Instead of blocking Lakhs of rupees for a normal hotel / restaurant, this is a good business to do for. You will be able to deliver good tasty of food at homes for those who are in need.

In one area, will appoint only one person. Means one area will be exclusive for one Homely Food Delivery Agent. If you are confident to serving good quality and tasty food, decide fast. Prompt timely decision will be changing your life.

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